Babies After 35 with Dr. Shannon Clark

I was recently interviewed by Lindsay and Lauren of the "One Strong Mama" podcast!

Whats does it mean to be advanced maternal age?

Many people are choosing to start their families later in life and are confused and unsure when they learn that after the age of 35 they are considered “advanced maternal age.” Is this something they should be worried about? And what should someone over the age of 35 be aware of when choosing to grow their family? In this interview I provide a lot of useful information that birth professionals and those planning to start growing their family after 35 will not want to miss!

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The One Strong Mama Podcast is a NO BS show for birth professionals about all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. Lauren Ohayon and Lindsay McCoy, creators of the Body Ready Method and the OSM program, host a light-hearted and slightly irreverent show that is packed with amazing info and guests in all fields of work. Every episode is guaranteed to touch the relatable, scary, wonderful and everything in between of working with the pregnant population- all while having a little fun with it.  

The Body Ready Method is a comprehensive training for any birth/prenatal worker or exercise professional wishing to work with this population who wants to move beyond the basic prenatal “What to Do” information and have tools to facilitate real growth and transformation for their clients in traditionally overlooked areas: Core and Pelvic Floor health, Baby Positioning, Alignment, and Optimal Breathing Strategies. OSM focuses on a 5-step protocol/formula which can keep your clients feeling strong, stable, and ready for birth and beyond. This formula will give you—the practitioner—specific skills, methods and practices to utilize with your client, which in turn will give your client prenatal empowerment, birthing confidence and a postpartum toolbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

I am a double board certified ObGyn and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist. I have worked at a large academic center in academic medicine as a clinician, educator and researcher since 2004.  I am currently a tenured Professor and actively manage patients with high-risk pregnancies.

How can I contact you for a collaboration, interview or other opportunity?
Please send me an email.
Can you debunk this social media post I saw?

The best way to contact me about debunking social media content is to send that content to me in a DM on my Instagram account @babiesafter35. You can also email me.

Do you do private consults? Can I get you to review my medical records?

I do not do private consults or review medical records submitted by patients.

Do you accept submissions for articles on your website?

Yes! Please email me for more info.