Common Newborn and Baby Proofing Questions Answered

Shannon M. Clark, MD
November 24, 2021
Common Newborn and Baby Proofing Questions Answered

*Updated 10/2022

The worries of a new parent!

Even though I’m a trained physician with several years of practice under my belt, when I had my twins, I ran to the doctor and urgent care for EVERYTHING. One would have thought that I had no medical experience because even the smallest sneeze sent me into a tizzy. I was especially concerned about handling them wrong while bathing them, and I deliver babies for a profession! So why is it that as a new parent I had such a high level of worry and fret about everything?

Well, it's probably because I loved those precious babies more than I could ever imagine--AND I was a new and first-time parent.

When it comes to parenting, we have to learn as we go, and as the days and weeks pass, things become comfortable. As new parents, we are in charge of tiny humans that cannot speak to us to let us know when something is OK or not OK. We have to use our own judgement and get to know our babies. While preparing the perfect nursery and registry list seem like the most essential things when getting ready for the arrival of a little baby, perhaps one of the greatest things we can do is to take a few minutes to prepare ourselves with the practical information about caring for a newborn.

A conversation with a pediatric ER doc!

In this interview with pediatric ER physician, Dr. Orajiaka (@dr_norajiaka), we discuss several important pieces of information regarding caring for and understanding newborns. If you are a first -time parent, this is a must watch! (It’s also a tremendous refresher if you are having a second+ baby.)

As I learned from Dr. Orajiaka, one should use their elbow and/or wrist to test the temperature of the baby’s bath water because this skin most mimics the baby’s skin. The skin on your hands is not as sensitive to the water temperature. No wonder I was scared of bathing my newborn twins!

Newborn and Baby Proofing Questions

In this discussion with pediatrician, Dr. Nkeiru Orajiaka we cover everything from bathing a newborn to baby proofing.

Check out these time-stamps for specific topics:

  • 12:08-Pooping
  • 17:04-Sleeping (co-sleeping and Dock-A-Tots)
  • 24:12-Swaddling
  • 27:00-Temperature in the home and dressing baby
  • 28:50-When to call the doctor in regards to baby being sick and when to take them to urgent care, fevers and taking a baby’s temperature properly
  • 33:30-Sterilizing bottles
  • 34:40-Pacifiers, kissing babies, & passing germs
  • 36:40-Supplements
  • 38:45-Baby proofing & safety
  • 42:00-Batteries and precautions to take
  • 46:14-Keeping baby safe from laundry pods and cleaning product
  • 49:00-Keeping baby safe from drugs and medications

More info on newborns!

Your Baby & You

For all of your questions as they come up during new parenthood, you can also check out Concierge Pediatrics' online program, Your Baby And You. Created by pediatrician, Dr. Kathrym, it includes 44 videos and audios and online resources on topics such as feeding, general health and newborn baby care. All topics you will need information on up to one year of age!

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Shannon M. Clark, MD

Shannon M. Clark, MD

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