COVID Infection and Vaccination While TTC and in Pregnancy

Shannon M. Clark, MD
January 17, 2022
COVID Infection and Vaccination While TTC and in Pregnancy

COVID is on everyone's mind!

The topic of COVID infection and vaccination can be daunting and stressful for anyone, but for those who are pregnant, TTC or soon to be delivering a baby, there can be a long list of additional questions and concerns.

The first thing to know is that COVID vaccination may not prevent one from getting COVID, but for those who do get a breakthrough infection after vaccination, there is a reduced chance of adverse severe outcomes. This includes reduced risk of maternal death, ICU admission, and needing respiratory support.

Learn about COVID in pregnancy from an ObGyn!

In this discussion with OBGYN, Dr. Marta Perez, we discuss many of the things you might be looking for answers and information on.

✔️Requesting vaccinated nurses in labor and delivery

✔️What to do if you get COVID

✔️Monoclonal antibodies (6:15)

✔️What we know about Omicron variant (11:50)

✔️Adverse pregnancy and maternal outcomes of COVID+ and unvaccinated (14:30)

✔️Adverse pregnancy and maternal outcomes of COVID+ and vaccinated/boosted (19:00)

✔️Asymptomatic COVID infection and adverse pregnancy and maternal outcomes in unvaccinated and vaccinated

✔️Getting COVID after vaccination or booster

✔️Safety of COVID vaccine and booster

✔️Vaccination/booster during lactation

✔️Antibodies in neonate after vaccination in pregnancy or lactation

✔️Best time in pregnancy to get vaccinated

✔️Low dose aspirin and being COVID+

Dr. Marta Perez

What should you do if you get COVID, especially later in pregnancy?

If you find out that you are COVID+ outside of a clinical setting, urgent care, ER, or physician office, your first move should be to contact your obstetrical care provider. They will be able to answer questions regarding where to go and what to do. If you find out that you have COVID in a clinical setting, then they will be able to advise you on what to do.

You should all 911 or be seen URGENTLY if you experience any of the following (these are signs of low oxygen saturation):

  • Hard time breathing or shortness of breath (over what you are normally experiencing)
  • Having ongoing pain or pressure in the chest
  • Sudden confusion
  • Unable to respond to others
  • Blue lips or face

In pregnancy you need higher levels of oxygen than someone who is not pregnant, so you must be seen immediately if you are experiencing these.

Will the COVID vaccine cause or lead to female infertility, and why do some people think it will?

No, the COVID vaccine will not cause or lead to infertility. This myth originated because of a post from a blog called “Health and Money News”, which is no longer available. In this post, without any scientific proof, two European doctors claimed that the vaccine could lead to infertility. You can read more about the baseless claim here.

To answer more questions like the one above and concerns related to COVID and fertility, I sat down with REI specialist, Dr. Temeka Zore.

We discussed the following:

✔️the myth that the COVID vaccine causes female (egg-producing individual) infertility

✔️fever after vaccination/booster and affect on female and male (sperm producing individual) fertility

✔️COVID vaccine and male fertility

✔️COVID vaccine and menstrual cycle disturbances

✔️ASRM recommendation regarding vaccination/booster while TTC

✔️recommended waiting period to start fertility treatments after having COVID infection or receiving a vaccine/booster

✔️partners and vaccination/booster

✔️COVID infection and fertility

✔️COVID infection and erectile dysfunction

✔️best time in pregnancy to get vaccinated

✔️surgical procedures during fertility treatments

Dr. Temeka Zore

Stay up-to-date with the latest COVID info!

I encourage you to watch these videos—whichever one pertains to your situation most. Educating yourself via credible resources and by qualified medical professionals gives you the best chance at having positive health outcomes. Continue to follow protocols that help protect you and your baby from adverse outcomes.

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Shannon M. Clark, MD

Shannon M. Clark, MD

Shannon M. Clark, MD, MMS is a double board certified ObGyn and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist, and founder of Babies After 35. In her roles as a clinician, educator and researcher at UTMB-Galveston, she focuses on the care of people with maternal and/or fetal complications of pregnancy. Dr. Clark has taken a special interest in pregnancy after the age of 35, which according to age alone, is considered a high-risk pregnancy.

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