Making Motherhood Mayhem Manageable!

Alana Wilson
November 5, 2020
Making Motherhood Mayhem Manageable!

Since becoming a mom life has been pretty chaotic.

Throw in a pandemic and a husband who is disabled due to a back injury and you might as well call me “Super Woman”. Honestly, though, I love my life and couldn’t picture it any other way. There’s just something about being a busy mom and wife that is comforting and keeps me going. While life has totally changed in the last couple of years it’s been so worth it and so rewarding. The other day, someone asked me, “What do you love most about being a mom?” and “What has surprised you about having a baby?” I realized I had never really sat down and thought about it, but that day I did so I thought I would share.

Being a mom has been my greatest joy and accomplishment! I love waking up every morning to her smile and snuggles and going to bed every night with her next to me. Her laugh and giggles make me so incredibly happy. Also, when she learns something new, it just makes me so excited for her! When she “reads” her books so enthusiastically or hugs and rocks her baby doll and sings to her with such seriousness it just fills me with joy. I love watching her grow and develop and learning what she likes and dislikes, as well as watching her play so independently. From learning to crawl and babble to now walking and trying so hard to talk, its so rewarding to know I made this little person, and I am the reason she is turning into the little human she now is.

One of my favorite things, though, about being a mom is seeing mu husband as a dad–the two of them interacting together so in love and mesmerized with one another. I have a new found respect for single mothers because I honestly am so lucky and don’t know what I would do without my husband. It might have been a little easier to keep up with our daughter if we were a little younger, but no matter how tired we get its such an honor to be her parents and we would never change it for anything! Even middle of the night wake-ups or stinky, dirty diapers are all worth it to see her smile, laugh, and grow before our eyes! There is just so much to love about being a parent, and I choose to look at the positive when it does get hard. I may not be sleeping as much, but I am making a little human happy and nourishing her to grow into an amazing person.

Now, what surprises me about having a baby? First and foremost, I had no idea how much I was capable of with such a lack of sleep or time for myself.  Now that I have a baby and have no other choice, I amaze myself! I knew having a baby came with challenged, but never did I realize how hard it would be at times to function in the chaos and yet I still do it! I get everything done at home and keep everyone alive so I call that a win! But the most amazing thing that surprises me about having a baby is just how much love you can have for a little person from the very second they are born. You just immediately know you would do anything and everything for this little human, and you live to make them happy and stay healthy. It is just crazy! You meet and have to learn about your spouse to know you love them, but with your child it is instant! It is hard to explain and you don’t feel it until you hold your baby for the first time!

Being a mom is a dream come true and the best job in the world by far! Is it hard at times? Of course! But the good times trump the tough times and its just so rewarding and worth it. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to be a mom to this little person is all mine!

Alana Wilson

Alana Wilson

I'm Alana. I am 35 and I have a 1 year old daughter named Kelia who was born at 37 weeks via c-section after 2.5 years of trying to conceive. I am married to the love of my life, Cory, and we also have a dachshund baby named Buster and ideally we want one more child in the next couple years. We live in Southern California and are big fans of hockey, baseball, and supercross. We love to cook together or for each other. We also LOVE the beach!

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