New Baby on a Budget!

Megan Hettinger
February 13, 2021
New Baby on a Budget!

HOLY COW! Babies are EXPENSIVE...but worth every penny!

Shopping Resale Helps in Many Ways

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if we could choose how much we wanted to pay when it comes to our medical care? Unfortunately, we can’t exactly catch a good sale or deal for our labor and delivery or our doctors, but we can save a TON of money in other ways once our little one is here!

If you haven’t already been introduced to the world of RESALE, please allow me to introduce you! As a high-end resale professional, I’m always excited to share some tips and information on getting more for your money and still get quality items.

You might be asking, "Why shop resale?"

Think of it as recycling. Did you know that over ONE MILLION TONS of clothing are dumped into landfills every year?!?! Buying gently worn baby and children’s clothing at consignment stores, on-line (for example, Facebook groups) or at events saves you over 70% on average on retail prices AND you are helping the environment at the same time!

More and more local consignment boutiques are opening and a majority of them are local small businesses. Shopping at these types of stores supports both small businesses and your community. Most boutiques will closely inspect all items taken for consignment for tears, stains and damages to ensure that pieces that make it to the sales floor are in like-new, barely-used condition. You never know what you will find when shopping, so it’s like a treasure hunt!

You are also providing some income to the person selling their items and supporting other moms. It’s a WIN WIN! How fast are your children growing out of their clothing, car seats, toys and shoes? It’s just a matter of a few wears and washes until its time to size up! So instead of spending $20 on one outfit, why not get 4-5 outfits for $20 or maybe even less?

Awesome Finds

My fantastic find for this week was a like-new Fisher Price Musical Rainforest Activity Mat for ONLY $10 on Facebook Marketplace. It’s 100% washable and an item that will only be used for a short period of time. It is still available in many stores and on Amazon. The lowest price that I found was on Ebay for $32.39, but the shipping and handling was $29.99!!! It is also on Amazon for $59.99. The seller on Facebook Marketplace lived just a few miles from me so we met at a park less than a mile from my house! The only way I could have beat that deal is if someone gave it to me for free!!!

Is Resale Shopping Right for You?

Before you decide to venture into the world of resale to purchase an item, ask yourself the following questions:

• Can it be cleaned and disinfected?

• Will I feel safe using it on/for my baby?

If your answer is YES to both, then consider buying second-hand. Oftentimes, it just takes a few minutes of your time for cleaning and then you are all set!

Popular items to buy second-hand:

• Clothing, shoes

• Activity mats

• Bouncers and sit-me-up seats

• Swings and high chairs

• Strollers

Places to search and compare pricing:

• Local consignment stores

• POP-UP and/or seasonal consignment events

• Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, Craigslist

• Online consignment sites like Ebay, Poshmark, Tradesy, and SWAP

You Can Sell Your Own Items Second-Hand!

On the flipside, you can also consign these items yourself! Are there clothes that your baby only got to wear once or twice before outgrowing? Or not at all? Something perhaps that was a gift and you just really don’t care for it? (You know it happens :)) Did you buy a musical gliding chair that your baby hates? Why not try to sell it and buy something else that you can use? Someone else may be searching for that very item your want to be rid of at a great price.

Great finds are typically not seasonal, so you can score good finds for the winter and stock up for summer. Think before paying retail and treat yourself to a manicure with your savings!

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Megan Hettinger

Megan Hettinger

Megan became a first-time mommy at age 38 to a sweet little girl after a 10-year battle with infertility. She is a firm believer in the power of positivity, an avid bargain shopper, elephant lover, history nerd, cemetery photographer and paranormal investigator. She is experiencing the world now not only through her eyes, but threw her daughter’s eyes as well. She is grateful that miracles do happen!

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