New and Emerging IVF Options!

Shannon M. Clark, MD
March 19, 2021
New and Emerging IVF Options!

Have you been considering IVF to assist in your family-building?

If so, then today’s topic is just for you!

Did you know that the first round of IVF was done in 1978 and the first U.S. IVF baby was born in 1981?  To some this might seem like a long time ago, but medicine has really advanced over the last few decades and in the grand scheme of things, this wasn’t very long ago. While medical knowledge in reproductive health and endocrinology has advanced tremendously since then, there is still a great deal of room for growth.

In this discussion, Dr. Sara Mucowski with Dallas IVF joins us to help us learn more about this topic. We discuss IVF, PGT, Invocell, UNIVFY, single embryo transfer, IUI, and the role of the embryologist. Dr. Mucowski is a reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist.

What is the difference between freezing an egg and freezing an embryo?

An egg is the female portion that contributes to creating an embryo, whereas an embryo is a fertilized egg. One of the scientific advances we’ve seen, is in methods of egg freezing. The newer methods of egg freezing are less likely to damage the egg both during the freezing and thawing processes.

Not everyone is a candidate for egg freezing though. At minute 8:05, we dive into what makes someone a candidate for egg freezing. Though a friend had mentioned to me that I should consider egg freezing, I brushed it off. When I met my husband at age 38, I then wished I had looked into it! So, if you are considering having a family, but not for a few years, then I encourage you to look into the option of egg freezing.

Some other highlights of our discussion include:

  • 8:05- Who is a good candidate for egg freezing
  • 10:25- The significant role of an embryologist in success rates
  • 13:45- Who are the best candidates for PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing)
  • 20:21- Invocell: the new and emerging, “lower cost” IVF option

If you haven’t yet heard of Invocell, we discuss this at minute 20:21.

Invocell is the first and only FDA-cleared option of its kind used in fertility treatment” and it uses the woman’s body as an incubator for fertilization. This helps with cost reduction and also allows the woman to be an even greater part of the entire process. It is just one option for those considering IVF. Be sure to watch the discussion to learn more!

As Dr. Mucowski says in her care statement, “I believe that every person who walks through my door deserves an individualized approach to their care. While I offer evidence-based facts regarding treatment options, I recognize that there is still so much science that has yet to be discovered regarding fertility. I want every patient to know I am working my hardest to help them reach their family-building dreams.”

I hope that this information helps you in your family-building dreams!

Shannon M. Clark, MD

Shannon M. Clark, MD

Shannon M. Clark, MD, MMS is a double board certified ObGyn and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist, and founder of Babies After 35. In her roles as a clinician, educator and researcher at UTMB-Galveston, she focuses on the care of people with maternal and/or fetal complications of pregnancy. Dr. Clark has taken a special interest in pregnancy after the age of 35, which according to age alone, is considered a high-risk pregnancy.

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