Sex After Baby!

I have a juicy topic for you today- sex after baby! How might that be a problem, though? Sex after baby might not feel so sexy.

Rather than sexy and pleasurable, for some, sex after having a baby is quite painful and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there is very little education, resources and opportunities about this topic so not only are many women in pain, but they also don’t know there could be relief and answers!

Today we are opening up the discussion on this important health topic to help you get a little “sexy” back in your sex life.

In this interview with Dr. Juan Michelle Martin of, we discuss why sex might be painful after delivery, things to consider and when to seek help.

So, why DOES pain occur after having a baby?

There is a sling of muscles supporting the pelvic area that encapsulates the urethra, vagina, and rectum. During pregnancy, all the physical pressure from the pregnancy, in addition to delivery of a baby, can strain and stretch these muscles and affect how they support the bones and the connective nerves. The entire pelvic area changes during pregnancy, and even more so during a vaginal delivery. (Think of lots of stretching and shifting.)

How common is painful sex?

1 in 4 women are affected by painful intercourse at some point or another in their lives;  whether it is after having a baby or even sometimes after having years of amazing and painfree sex.

Dr. Martin aims to help women move beyond pain with sex, and I love what her website says…



To finally ENJOY your love life and not dread touch and affection…”

Restoring the pelvic floor muscles, healing the various areas that underwent trauma during pregnancy and delivery, and addressing the mental health component that goes along with sex, are all important components of discovering pain-free sex.

Be sure to watch our discussion and also visit her website to learn about her program to help you once again enjoy pain-free (and pleasurable!) sex.

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