“Sit Down, Mommy!” and Other Sage Advice from a Two Year Old


They play hard, love hard, nap hard, and feel allllll the feelings hard. Having two-year-old twins is challenging me in ways I never knew I could be challenged. I have asked my friends and colleagues for advice on getting through the ‘terrible twos‘ and have tried desperately to prepare myself, but I have recently come to accept the fact that there is no preparation. I just have to be on my toes at all times…times two!

I find myself winging it most days, especially with two toddlers who have very different personalities. I try my best to anticipate what might trigger them in an attempt to avoid an epic meltdown and maintain my own sanity. But many times I end up frustrating myself and them and don’t get anywhere.

Then it hit me.

Toddlers are just simple beings with simple demands who are simply trying to express what they want or need, but sometimes have a little {or a lot of} trouble doing so. Adults can speak and express how they feel at will and still have trouble getting it right, so I can only imagine how it must feel to have all those emotions and thoughts and NOT be able to fully communicate.

I know sometimes I complicate things by interjecting too much ‘adult’ thinking and reasoning. What I really need to do is throw all the baggage of adulthood away and think like a toddler–I need to put myself in their tiny little shoes. I am finding that my toddlers are actually brilliant beings who have figured it all out and maybe, just maybe, I could learn a thing or two from them.

Here are a few things my twin toddlers are teaching me ::

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