Anna Glezer, MD

Anna Glezer, MD

Dr. Glezer began her training at Harvard and then transitioned to the University of California, San Francisco, where she has been a practicing physician on faculty with joint appointments in the Department of Psychiatry and Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences. She is board certified in adult psychiatry, a member of the American Psychiatric Association, and on the executive council of the Northern California Psychiatric Society and the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law.She has worked with hundreds of women going through the emotional challenges of conception, pregnancy, loss, and postpartum. She has been interviewed for and her written work has appeared on multiple leading sites, including Huffington Post, Fit Pregnancy, Health Line, Help Guide, and more. She has also presented at local and national conferences and published in academic journals. This past September, she established the first annual Bay Area Maternal Mental Health Conference.Recently, she launched the educational website Mind Body Pregnancy, aimed to inform women, their partners, and their providers about mental health and emotional issues common in the reproductive years.She began her private practice to help women throughout the Bay Area access reproductive mental health services and is really passionate about helping as many women as possible.Areas of Specialty:Mood disorders, including perinatal and postpartum depressionAnxiety disorders, including general worry, panic, and intrusive thoughts and OCDPremenstrual dysphoriaMiscarriage and pregnancy lossInfertilityLife transitions & relationships.

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