Emily D

Emily D

Whooops-a-Daisy is a parenting website which aims to help moms and dads choose the best products and toys for their babies and toddlers. The team consists of parents who are passionate about finding new gifts and gadgets for young children. The website is named after co-owner Emily’s daughter Daisy.About Emily:Emily has a degree in Social Sciences from The Open University in the UK, and has been writing for various parenting websites since graduating in 2017. She also has two cats, Bambi and Phoebe, who are Daisy’s best friends!About Daisy:Daisy was born in the later part of 2015, and is a somewhat typical toddler – full of energy and often cheeky! She loves nothing more than singing, in fact, she finds it extremely difficult to be quiet and can always find something to talk about! She also enjoys dancing, whether it’s rocking out to AC/DC or slow dancing to her favorite songs from Frozen or Moana.Daisy loves all things girly, and can often be found rocking her favorite sunglasses and an impeccable manicure (more than what can be said for mom!). She loves wearing her favorite ‘princess’ dresses, and enjoys trying on everyone’s shoes.That said, she is a typical toddler and nothing makes her laugh more than a bit of toilet humor! She also enjoys to run, jump and climb, making her weekly gymnastics class the highlight of her week.

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